YFG improves the body’s mobility and the mind’s capability, allowing golfers to play better, longer, with more confidence and increased enjoyment.

Scientifically-proven and globally-recognized, Katherine Roberts’ Yoga For Golfers® (YFG) is a distinctly unique and proprietary yoga methodology that instructs and trains golfers on the biomechanics of the body specifically as it relates to each plane of motion through each stage of the golf swing – from the address to the finish position, from the 1st tee to the 18th green.


  • YFG enhances flexibility and core development to improve mobility and strength.
  • YFG helps achieve body symmetry, balance, and alignment through the swing to increase power.
  • YFG quiets the mind through proper breathing techniques to achieve focus and relaxation.


  • YFG extends the body’s ability to play, minimizing discomforts and risk of injury.
  • YFG increases the ability to play more rounds, more frequently.
  • YFG re-energizes golfers frustrated with their game.


  • YFG is for all golf enthusiasts and golf professionals.
  • YFG is for all ages and all levels of ability.
  • No yoga experience is needed.
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About Katherine Roberts

Founder and President of Yoga for Golfers®, Nike Swoosh Elite Athlete and Advisory Staff Member, and Golf Magazine Fitness Panel Expert, Katherine is a recognized leader and innovator in the world of golf fitness. Her unique and highly effective approach to golf conditioning is a fusion of Western biomechanical science and Eastern mind/body conditioning that increases performance for sports athletes and golf enthusiasts of all levels.

Katherine’s work has been profiled by USA TODAY, The NY and LA Times, The National Post, Golf Magazine, Golfweek, US Airways Magazine, and Asian Golf Monthly. She has regularly appeared on The Golf Channel, including shows such as The Big Break, The Turn, Your Game Night, How Low Can You Go, and Game ON! Producer of nine DVDs and author of the ground-breaking book Yoga for Golfers (McGraw-Hill), her second book, Swing Flaws and Fitness Fixes, was co-authored with Top-100 Golf Instructor, Hank Haney.

In addition to her fitness and performance work in golf, Katherine has been working with Major League Baseball (MLB) players and coaches for more than a decade, serving as the yoga fitness expert for MLB teams including the LA Dodgers, San Diego Padres, Oakland A’s, and the Chicago Cubs.

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