"Flatten your angle of approach to hit drivers with a lower, more penetrating ball flight. Remember, steep and upright creates backspin. You don’t want your driver backing up. Practice swinging a broom handle, making as wide an arc as you can. This type of repitition will groove a flatter and more effective shaft angle as the club comes into the impact zone. The ball will fly lower and move right to left. "

I have always enjoyed good golf writers; people who can relate information in a concise and entertaining way, whether it concerns the golf swing or just good golf talk. Writing has been a wonderful outlet for me, as well. I have written for most of my life. Even as a kid I used to fill up notebooks with stories and articles. Today, you can find my articles all over the web on such sites as The Boston Globe and paulrudeen.com.

Golfers are like fingerprints; each one is different. Where one person might have trouble with his or her grip, another might have a ball that's determined to go left. This site is packed full of great videos, golf tips and articles to guide golfers of any level to their best game. Enjoy!


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